Who are JSJ Foam Insulation?

Jim Shearer started in joinery in 1983 working on private & council houses. In 1989 I started up my own company, Jim Shearer Joinery sole trader. Working on primarily private house with some commercial work. I got the opportunity in 2010 to join East Renfrewshire’s Building & Planning Forum. I am very interested in increasing the energy performance & efficiency of new & existing properties. In 2012 I used Icynene in my own home, I liked it so much I joined JSJ Foam Insulation Ltd in 2013.

a few words about JSJ Foam Insulation

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Icynene Spray Foam Insulation

JSJ Foam Insulation Insulation in partnership with GMS renawables LTD
JSJ Foam Insulation, through its relationship with GMS Renewables Ltd, is the sole approved installer for Icynene in Glasgow and the West of Scotland. JSJ Foam Insulation is proud to be a partner of Icynene Inc. and a promoter of the Icynene brand.

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Our mission

The best insulation for all.

It is our aim to supply all new builds, period, rustic, commercial, containers and retor buildings with Icynene Spary Foam Insulation. Not just so we can have the work and stay in business either. While that is a nice concept for us, we fully beleive and can prove that you can have a better home and building environment in terms of clean air, and temeprature control, whilst saving you a lot of money over time.

why choose us

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    We are market leading experts in this industry and we are the only operators of this kind north of the English border. You will not find this service anywhere else in Scotland guaranteed.

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    We work quickly and efficiently, so as not to disrupt your home life or your business. We work around you and we turn up when we say we are going to and do our job professionaly and courteously.

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    Cost Effective

    We will give you a no-nosense free quotation with no commitment. The cost we quote is the price you pay with no extra or add ons and you will fully get what you pay for.

Icynene advantages

  • Help Prevent Energy Loss

    Icynene doesn’t just insulate; it creates a superior air barrier compared to traditional insulation like fiberglass. When it’s sprayed into the wall cavity, it expands to fill the space, regardless of the size or shape. That includes cracks and crevices that other insulations couldn’t easily fill. It adheres to every surface it touches, creating a sealed environment. Thanks to the science of Icynene, problems like drafts can be a thing of the past, and energy bills can be reduced by up to 50%.

  • Help Prevent Mold

    Because of the airtightness it delivers, Icynene spray foam insulation helps block airborne moisture from infiltrating the wall cavity. In cases of roof or plumbing leaks, after the leak has been fixed, Icynene’s light-density insulation will dry, reducing the potential for mold growth. Once dried, it continues to operate at peak performance levels. This is a significant and unique benefit offered by Icynene; problems related to moisture management are common among other types of insulation.

  • Help Prevent Air Quality Issues

    By helping to reduce the risk of mold, Icynene also helps prevent the spores and toxins that get released into the air. In addition, airborne pollutants and allergens that can pass through the gaps left by other forms of insulation are much less of a threat as a result of the air-sealing capabilities of Icynene. Problems associated with asthma and allergies can therefore often be alleviated by using Icynene.

  • Prevent the Cost of Replacement

    Icynene insulation comes with an industry-leading warranty. That’s because with Icynene, problems that are common with other forms of insulation just don’t occur, since there is no change in the insulation’s properties or performance over the life of the building.

  • Noise Reduction

    Just as Icynene seals against the transfer of air and accompanying moisture, it also helps reduce the transfer of noise. Thanks to the sound-dampening qualities of Icynene insulation, problems and annoyances related to “thin walls” can be easily turned into greater privacy.

  • Another Perk of Icynene Spray Foam: Problems with Other Building Systems Are Easily Addressed

    When you have Icynene insulation, problems of some kinds may be simpler to solve than if other insulation were used. For example, in the case of a plumbing or electrical issue, Icynene products can be easily cut or removed to access the source of the problem. If a plumbing leak were to get the product wet, leaving the wall cavity open temporarily would allow it to dry and eliminate the need for total replacement.


Icynene spray foam being installed

Roof insulation for Pilmuir Trust

“First time I have used your company and system and would use again and recommend to my colleagues.”

Frank Scott, Scottish Borders Council
Glenbarr New Build

Glenbarr New Build

“We received a very professional service with a very competitive quote. We arranged a slot in their program of works. They turned up when they said they would on time and carried out a very professional service. ”

Stuart McDonald
whinhurst retrofit

Old building retrofit

“JSJ Foam Insulation/Icynene//Duncan McGregor were a joy to deal with. At every stage Duncan was completely honest with us. ”

Whinhurst Retrofit
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