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®Icynene pays for itself

®Icynene spray foam insulation has many features. It is very versatile and can be applied to many different surfaces. This benefits the home owner by being able to cover the roof spaces in almost any style home. It can be applied between rafters, over membrane, onto brick or block and other substrates. ®Icynene can improve your overall insulation within your home and help save energy and lower your bills.


commercial insulation

Commercial Building Insulation

In the commercial sector heating costs quickly reduce profits and can cut your trading season short. In some cases products that have a short life span can be lost due to poor environmental temperature control and specialised machinerey can be affected by condensation. All of these potential hazards can be avoided with the application of ® Icynene spray foam insulation.


shipping container

Keep pollutants & allergens out.

Airbourne irritants can increase the frequency of allergies, asthma and other health problems. The air seal provided by ®Icynene can reduce the introduction of these particles keeping the air in your home nice and clean.
The added bonus of moisture reduction prevents the growth of mold, which can also cause allergies to be exacerbated. This can help prevent the itchy eyes, sneezing & coughing associated with conditions like hayfever.

Applications of ®Icynene Spray Foam Insulation

icynene application to roof space

All styles of home are suitable.

Whether your home is a new build, an old house or a rennovation project, ®Icynene spray foam insulation is suitable for your home and will reduce your energy usage dramatically.

There is minimal disruption to your home. We can usually complete a project within hours and for larger homes, within the day. It is a clean and non-toxic process, meaning you can return to your home when the process has been completed.

Barn Conversion Example

®Icynene's Performance


  • Up to 40% of energy loss is due to uncontrolled air leakage
  • Up to 99% of moisture travels in the air and can build up inside a home through daily activities like cooking and showering. If moisture carried by air is allowed to move through the walls it can condense within the walls leading to related problems such as mold
  • Unwanted noises originating from plumbing runs or from the adjoining media room


®Icynene is classified as an air barrier material. Sprayed in the walls, ®Icynene creates a blanket of soft foam for superior air tightness. ®Icynene’s open-celled structure remains flexible to expand/contract with the walls for consistent air-sealing over the life of the building.


  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
  • Peace and quiet
  • Drafts causing hot/cold spots
commercial icynene spraying

Insulation for commercial buildings.

There are many useful aspects to using Icynene srpay foam insulation in your commercial building. It is very versatile and can be sprayed on to many surfaces including metal, plastic and wood.

Whether your commercial property is an office block, hotel, hospital or warehouses, we are confident our system will improve your insulation and lower your energy bills.

Commercial benefits from ®Icynene


Noise can be reduced with ®Icynene's light & medium density spray foam insulation. This will reduce both flanking noise and airborne noise.


  • Occupied noisy spaces found in commercial parking spaces, industrial plant, swimming pools & gyms, classrooms or areas for music practise.
  • Walls between used spaces like offices, toilets, kitchens etc.
  • Areas for privacy like board rooms, media rooms, hotels rooms, counselling rooms etc.
shipping container spray foam insulation

Does your business rely on shipping containers?

Due to the fabric of their construction, shipping containers frequently produce condensation. This can quickly ruin an goods transported or stored in one of these containers. Traditional forms of insulation do not work well in these types of storage. Due to excellent conductive properties they either get too hot, ruining products or too cold, which leads to condensation.

Icynene's MD-R-210 closed cell spray foam is easily and quickly installed with minimal fuss and will solve your insulation and condensation issues.

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farm building insulation

Are your agricultural buildings insulated inadquately?

There are often many buildings on a farm including barns, livestock sheds, workshops, crop storage and animal feed containers. Our product can be directly sprayed onto many surfaces like wood, metal and stone.

JSJ Foam Insulation can save you money on heating and cooling whilst preventing condensation.

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Benefits in Agriculture

  • Helps cure condensation
  • Reduces heat loss up to 90%
  • Sound proofing properties
  • Lowers livestock food consumption
  • Lowers energy / fuel costs
  • Protects against the weather and insulates all buildings
  • Keeps vermin out
  • Helps prevent damage to crops from frost
hospitality industry insulation

Is your hotel cold and poorley insulated?.

It is a sure bet that if your hotel is an old building or is poorley insulated, it will be leaking air and you will be losing a lot of profit due to high energy bills. You want to do something about it, but you cannot afford the hotel to be empty whilst works are carried out.

Whether you run a hotel, guest house, restaurant, shop, Inn or pub /bed & breakfast. We understand the needs of the hospitality industry and we can schedule works around your needs. We can work through your hotel room by room or treat your restaurant overnight when it's closed so there is no loss of revenue

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