Injection for sound proofing

Robbie Devine - New Build.

My wife and I are delighted with the work Jim and his team have done and would highly recommend the company to future clients. I am especially impressed by the attention to detail and the way everything was covered to prevent any overspray. I've been in the building trade a long time and it's refreshing to see people who care!

Robbie Devine

Injection for sound proofing

Alan & Rita Craig - Injection for sound proofing.

We recently got JSJ Foam Insulation Ltd to fill 3 walls and a ceiling as interior walls were hollow ...the guys were prompt, fast, friendly, tidy and the best of it all is, our house is much quieter and warmer. They were in and away in less than a day ...job well done.

Alan & Rita Craig

cavity wall insulation
bovill & boyd logo
East Kilbride

Bovill & Boyd – Commercial Building
Tracy Brown - Cavity Wall Insulation

The work completed by JSJ Foam Insulation was completed as promised with minimal mess. Once the work was completed we were shown a video of the extent of the draughts coming through the walls before the work was completed. We are now in the middle of the first winter and we are perfectly warm using just our central heating system whereas prior to the completion of the work we had stand alone heaters located throughout the building. Our electricity costs have decreased by 25% accordingly.

In short we are delighted with the work.
Thanks and Regards

Tracy Brown
Commercial Director

Creiff underfloor insulation

Ewen McGregor - Underfloor Insulation

“We live in the ground-floor of a stone-built, semi-detached house (built around 1905) which was split in to upper and lower flats during the 1960s. As heating costs keep rising, we decided on some research into our best options for improving the insulation (having previously installed double-glazed windows and doors).

External wall insulation was rejected as it would ruin the appearance, and would also require our upstairs neighbours to similarly commit. Internal wall insulation was also rejected because installation would be extremely disruptive, difficult to do properly in a house of this age, reduce our internal space and ruin many of the features of the rooms. Our only alternative seemed to be underfloor insulation.

And then we found the ICYNENE® range of spray foam insulation products. Suffice to say that this seemed to be the ideal solution for an older building like ours.

The enthusiasm and helpfulness of everyone we spoke to about the product impressed, and we were soon directed towards JSJ Foam Insulation (formerly ‘Therma Sol Ltd’). Jim and Susan were a delight to work with and, after a telephone discussion and a site visit, installation took place in early April, 2016.

Jim and his trusty ‘henchman’, Andrew, completed the work in an intensive 12-hour period which was impressive to watch - particularly as we were kept informed of progress throughout (some of which I was under the floor to see). The whole process was conducted in a very professional manner as Jim is also a time-served joiner. The height of our underfloor foundation space varies from roughly 5 feet at one end of the house down to less than 18 inches at the other, and Jim’s determination to cope with the inevitable difficulties encountered in ever decreasing underfloor space deserved a medal!

So, what difference has it made? Over the next three months, our gas consumption dropped by 598 kWh compared with the same period in the previous year. Admittedly, this may not seem much - but spring/early summer were a-coming in, the whole house is warmer, the central heating is ‘off’ much more frequently than before and, an added bonus being on a main road, the house is also quieter. We feel certain that having the insulation installed will pay for itself over the next couple of winters, and we have no hesitation in recommending JSJ Foam Insulation Ltd. to others - especially those who occupy a house like ours.

Oh, forgot to mention that you also get a 25-Year Warranty when installed by an Icynene® licensed professional contractor.”

Inverness roof Insulation

Laura Bruce - Roof Insulation

Thank you for the prompt and courteous service. We were delighted to have your team here to insulate our loft.
We immediately noticed a difference -- there were gales the following morning, but we couldn't hear the wind! The man who cuts the grass came on Monday, and normally his mower is so noisy, I have to leave my office at the back of the house. However on this occasion, I was able to keep working without being disturbed.
The neighbours have two German Shepherds who were barking after we said hello the other night, but when we came into the house the sound of the barking was very muffled.
All this time we thought our windows were the 'weak link', but it is clear with the "before and after" that so much of the sound we were hearing from outside, was coming directly from our poorly insulated and leaky loft!
It's August and obviously the heating hasn't been on, but if the sound-proofing we are enjoying is any indication of its effectiveness, our investment in Icynene is going to pay dividends in ways we had never anticipated!
Thanks very much.
Mrs L B, Inverness

Cleghorn renovation

Malcolm Campbell - Renovation

I would just like to thank you all for the excellent service you provided and the professional manor that every stage had right down to the silly little things such as keeping a duct accessible that was in the wall which I personally over looked.
It is refreshing to deal with people as professional as yourself.

Thanks again I am sure if we are needing anything in the future we will be in touch.

Malcolm Campbell

Peter Campbell New BUild
Peter Campbell

New Build

I got in touch with JSJ Foam Insulation, when I was having problems with insulating a new build house for myself and my wife. From the very first meeting, I felt very comfortable that I was dealing, not only with a contractor but one who was very professional and knowledgeable about their business. There was no sales gimmick and no pressure. Everything was explained fully and simply. The team arrived when they said they would, protected all afffected surfaces, worked long hours and completed the job to a high standard within the time line which they had given to me.
After completion, both Jim and Susan (back at the office) were in contact to make sure we were happy with their performance and the job they had done. I would have no hesitation in recommending JSJ Foam Insulation to potential customers.
Job well done.

Newton Mearns loft Conversion
Newton Mearns

Tom Crooks - Loft Conversion

My loft conversion was Jim’s last job before he made the transition from the building trade into Icynene spray foam insulation in 2013. As I have had Jim do work for me on previous houses, it came as no surprise to me to how professional he was from start to end and his quality of work provided. Icynene spray foam was new to me, with Jim recommending it, I decided to use it in my loft roof space. As you can see from my picture taken in February 2014, I clearly am the only house in my row that has Icynene spray foam insulation. My heat wasn’t escaping from my roof, so the frost didn’t get melted like my neighbours houses.

jack richardson edinburgh

Jack Richardson - Soundproofing

Jim was very professional and efficient. He seemed genuinely keen to get me the best deal possible, not pushing for more work than was necessary. He worked well within a tight schedule and was meticulous in making sure the job was done to a high standard, without any corners being cut. The soundproofing has made a big difference in my property, which is above a noisy pub.

icynene northumberland project

Richard Pender - Passive House New Build

Jim recently carried out Icynene spraying on our self-build project in Northumberland. It's an ambitious project pushing a little at the boundaries of design and environmental performance. As with any project trying to use new materials and methods of construction some elements have been more successful than others. I am pleased to say that I was not disappointed with Icynene as a product or Jim Shearer as a contractor.
Jim strikes me as refreshingly conscientious in the way that he sets about his work. Everything that needed to be was well protected and the spraying neat and consistent. Jim worked long hours to complete the sizeable job in a timely fashion. We got an exemplary score on our airtightness test and I'm convinced Iconyene and Jim's quality spraying played a big part in this.

West Kilbride Attic Insulation
West Kilbride

David & June - Attic Insulation

On the advice of a Chartered Surveyor, we arranged for Jim to insulate our attic conversion using Icynene Foam. We cannot state too strongly how impressed we were with his advice, professionalism and industry.
He was willing to fit his visits to our timescales and had high attention to detail.
He is an excellent ambassador for this fantastic product.
We were very impressed and are now enjoying the benefits of effective insulation and sound deadening.

TekNek Commercial Building

Colin MacKillop Teknek Commercial Building

From moving into our newly built office & factory of composite panel construction, we bemoaned the heating. Staff felt cold and complained about draughts. We used a succession of advisors and consultants to no avail until someone suggested air movement was the real issue. Draughts are identified as one of the two most annoying environmental factors in workplaces. We are sensitive to air movements of as little as 0.05m/s and temperature differences of 2 degrees, and the warmer the space the more easily we notice a “draught”.
Jim & his team sprayed Icynene inside our roof space and internal wall cavities and the whole problem was sorted!
The office comfort is greatly improved; draughts have been hugely reduced even in high winds which has made the biggest single improvement in perceived comfort. The temperature across the whole office space is much more even which means that moving air from people, doors or the air handling system are not perceived as unpleasant draughts.
The office heat loss rate has reduced, typically the overnight temperature drop is 1-3 degrees less than before, and the office regains the desired temperature an hour faster than before. The temperature does not drop again during the day, when previously there could be a 3 to 4-degree fluctuation. Again this boosts the perception of the space being “warm and comfortable”.
The unexpected gain is in background noise levels. The background noise has dropped whether from the airport or the rain & wind. Unfortunately, it’s not something we ever measured but everyone has commented on how much less “noise” there is. This has helped us to bring all our office staff into one area which has provided a huge boost to teamwork, productivity and thus financial performance.
Over the whole year we saw a 12% reduction in gas consumption. More importantly we removed the fan heaters below every desk which removed all the trip hazards, fire risks and vastly more expensive electric kWhr. However, all is dwarfed by the rise in “perceived staff comfort” which helps the team know they matter and gains their enthusiasm and commitment which has allowed the Teknek to grow by 8%. Against this growth, payback was under a year.
Disruption was minimal. The installation was performed out of hours and cleared up perfectly before we re-opened each morning. The team were friendly, diligent and efficient. I am happy to recommend them and Icynene. Cheers,